Contemporary West Coast artist Richard Godfrey has extensively pursued investigations that describe how the visual world is perceived. He utilizes the modernist language as a means of expressing his ideas in his work, whether it be painting, sculpture, or installation. Engaging the use of light, both in a direct and implied means, Richard Godfrey pushes our understanding of multi-dimensional space by abstracting the three dimensional world we live in.

As a recognized figure in Southern California art scene, this Los Angeles artist has been a contributive and defined influence on California culture. Richard Godfrey's work has been displayed in numerous collections and exhibitions internationally, including Kitakushu Museum in Japan, Musee Adzak; Paris, France, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. In addition to being an acknowledged artist, Mr. Godfrey is a recognized leader in arts education and presently chairs Youth Visual Arts Program at Idyllwild Arts.